V Rising: How to Build Floors and Walls to Raise Castle Roof

V Rising is a game where you can build a castle filled with great and unique builds. Create equipment that will protect you and destroy anyone who stands in your way. Creating all these things will require materials that are hard to reach and will require some time to collect. Once you have your materials ready, it’s time to begin building and setting up a shade and a roof over your head!

This guide will show you how to build walls and floors to create a castle roof in V Rising!

V Rising: How to Build Floors and Walls to Raise Castle Roof

Once you’ve set up your castle heart and your walls, it’s time to find a way and set up your floor and the roof. Having a roof over your head is essential for this game because you are a vampire.

In this game it’s not always night time and you will need to protect yourself from the sun.

After some time and progression in the game, you will get a quest called “Building a Castle”. This quest will require you to lay down floors and set up castle walls instead of wooden walls.

Two essential workshop builds that you will need for this game are a grinder and a sawmill. Once you have these set up, you will unlock castle walls recipes and begin building walls.

Replace the old wooden walls with reinforced walls to have access to a rooftop.

Set up a workshop flooring at your workbench, close off the room with a reinforced entrance. Closing up the area and making a room will automatically create a roof which will protect you from the sun.

You can split the castle build in several smaller rooms which is better for the long term progress, or you can make 1 giant room and close it off with reinforced walls and flooring.

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