V Rising: Foulrot The Soultaker Location

Published: 24 May 2022
Time to find Foulrot the Soultaker in V Rising!

V Rising is a game where you must survive and continue upgrading your character and castle by collecting resources and unlocking new and unique things. As you play this game, you will unlock an object called a Blood Altar. This object will help you find all the available bosses that you can fight, and also get their amazing rewards.

This guide will show you how to locate Foulrot the Soultaker in V Rising!

V Rising: Foulrot The Soultaker Location

To begin searching for Foulrot the Soultaker, you will need to have the Blood Altar unlocked and already have prepared with equipment and skills to fight the boss.

Open up your blood altar and begin tracing the blood of the boss. Tracing the blood will show you a red wave of blood that is going to guide you to the Foulrot.

Killing Foulrot the Soultaker will unlock 3 new recipes, they are:

  • Phantom’s Veil
  • Spectral Dust
  • Banshee

Once you’ve pressed on track blood, you should be able to find the boss roaming around the Ancient Village area.

Foulrot the Soultaker is a level 62 boss that has a ton of spectral soul abilities which will damage you. To kill this boss efficiently, it’s suggested to take him to a tight space where you are going to be able to kill all of his souls that he spawns quickly.