V Rising: Errol the Stonebreaker Location

Published: 17 May 2022
Time to find the location for Errol the Stonebreaker!

Errol the Stonebreaker is one of the bosses that contains V Blood in V Rising. V blood is a special type of blood that you can consume to become stronger and have better survivability. All the bosses in V Rising can be found in different locations and some require some tasks to be completed beforehand.

This guide will show you the location of Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising!

V Rising: Errol the Stonebreaker Location

To locate this boss, you will need to firstly progress enough to a point where the Blood Altar is unlocked. Once you’ve unlocked the Blood Altar build it in your castle.

If you open up the Blood Altar, you will have a list of all the available bosses. The ones that are blacked out mean that you have not yet unlocked them and defeated them.

Whenever you reach to the next available boss. Press on him and press on tracking.

Once you’ve started tracking the boss, switch to your Wolf Form to get a scent. You will find the boss in the Bandit Copper Mine.

With your wolf form you will find the scent and begin attacking him.