V Rising: Clive The Firestarter Location

Published: 20 May 2022
Check out Clive The Firestarter Location in V Rising!

V Rising is a horror survival game that offers many challenging bosses and items that you can obtain in the game to make your Vampire Lord more powerful than the other lords. The V Blood Carriers or the major bosses in the game will provide amazing rewards and upgrades for your lord once you defeat them. Most bosses might be a real challenge for you depending on their level, which means that you will want to prepare yourself before you face your next boss.

In this guide, we will show you the location of Clive The Firestarter in V Rising!

V Rising: Clive The Firestarter Location

In order to find Clive the Firestarter, you have to search the Bandit Sulphur Quarry. First of all, you have to build a Blood Altar, the structure that can be used to track V Blood Carrier bosses.

Once you build the Blood Altar, you can track Clive in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry, but before you go to fight him, make sure to be at least level 30 and equipped with some decent gear, because Clive can give you some hard fighting.