Unturned: Tactical Light Item ID & Commands

Every item in Unturned has an ITEM ID. That is how developers and admins of servers can determine which item they want to take by using the game console. The Tactical Light item is an attachment that can be used on weapons to help you see much better during the night.

This guide will show you how you can get the Tactical Light’s Item ID as well as the commands for it.

Tactical Light Item ID & Commands

Item ID For Tactical Light

The item ID for the Tactical Light in Unturned is 152.

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This is a rare type item which is an attachment for weapons. The Tactical Light allows the player to light up an area and the same light will follow the camera wherever you move.

Tactical Light Commands

The only command that you can use in Unturned for the Tactical Light is the /give command. This command will allow the admin to get a certain item.

To use this command, in the console write:

  • /give 152

And there you have it. That is how you can get the tactical light in Unturned by typing in the Item ID in the commands section.