Unturned: Polaris A6 Mechanical Lotus Guide

January 17, 2023
Looking to learn more about the Mechanical Lotus for the A6 Polaris map in Unturned? You are at the right spot!

Polaris is the newest map that has recently been introduced to Unturned. With this map, players got to interact with a new load of items that they can craft as well as brand-new armor pieces. The Mechanical Lotus is an important item that you will need for defending a base or attacking different grounds.

In this guide, we will go through the Mechanical Lotus and see how you can use as well as obtain it in Unturned.

Polaris A6 Mechanical Lotus Guide

To craft the A6 Mechanical Lotus, you will need 4 main items that are scattered on the map. These items are:

  • Military Drive
  • Copper Coil
  • Crystal
  • Rose

Military Drive

The military drive can be obtained from drone quest sites which are scattered across the map. On the Polaris map, you can find multiple locations where you can find the Military Drive.

On the image below, we will pinpoint the locations where you can go and obtain the Military Drive.

On these four locations, you will see big white drones that have crashed. On each of the drones you can find electrical boxes that you can open. Inside these boxes, the Military Drives will be placed.

Copper Coil

The Copper Coil is another item that we require to create the mechanical Louts. This item can be found in Medical Facilities.

Location 1:

The first location for the Copper Coil is going to be on the very east side of the map by the hospital. Here you need to get inside from the southern entrance and enter the first room that you see on your left side.

Here you will see a machine that has a brown glass around it. Break the glass and obtain the Copper Coil from inside.

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Location 2:

The second location for the copper coil is located at the northeast side of the map. Here you will see a sunken ship.

Enter the bottom part of the ship where you will see two big opening. Once you enter this part, you will see two machines with the same glass that you need to break and the Copper Coil inside.


Crystals are items that you can obtain by killing Observers. Observers can be found around the map. They are monsters that will spawn inside a circle that is made out of stones.

One Observer will grant you 1 crystal on kill.


The rose is the final ingredient for the final product. You can find this rose around many places in the Polaris map.

Location 1:

Location 2:

Crafting The Mechanical Lotus

Once you have all required items for the Mechanical Lotus, head over to one of the crafting stations on the map that have a small hammer icon.

Once you get to that area, you will see a vehicle that is missing the materials you’ve previously obtained. Simply place down all crafting materials inside the vehicle and you will get the Mechanical Lotus.

That’s about it for the Mechanical Lotus and how you can obtain it. We hope this guide helped you find all locations!