Unturned: Polaris A6 Gasmask Location

February 9, 2023
Check out this guide to see where the Polaris A6 Gasmask can be found in Unturned.

Unturned recently came out with the newest snowy mask called the Polaris. This map features a lot of new content as well as new monsters. You can find various new items such as the gasmask around the map which is useful for many activities.

In this guide, you will see where the Polaris A6 Gasmask is located for Unturned.

Polaris A6 Gasmask Location

On the Polaris map you have two types of gas masks, they are:

  • Standard Gas Mask
  • Bio-Hazard Hood

These two items have the same function.

To craft a Standard Gas Mask, you will need a Broken Gas Mask and a Filter.

To craft a Bio-Hazard Hood, you will need 6 Bio-Hazard Rolls and a Filter.

A broken Gas mask can be found in different fire towers as well as one fire department. On the image below, you will see the areas that you can visit to obtain at least one broken Gas Mask.

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Once at these areas, you will have a 3.2% chance to obtain a broken Gas Mask.

Defeating a Haze Boss or a Military Mega will grant you a 25% chance of obtaining a broken Gas Mask.

A filter is an ingredient that you need for both the biohazard and standard gas mask.

To craft a filter, you will need:

  • 1 Mechanical Lotus
  • 4 Metal Sheet
  • 4 Ropes

One Biohazard roll is crafted by combining 6 Bio Hazard Fibers. Bio Hazard Fibers can be obtained at the Haze locations.

And that is how you can locate and craft the Gas Mask as well as the Biohazard Gas Mask for the Polaris A6 Map in Unturned.