Unturned: How To Make A Metal Door

November 9, 2022
Reinforce your base in Unturned!

The world of Unturned is full of dangers, zombies and other players alike.

That said, you should ensure that you create a safe haven for you and your allies.

A Metal Door is extremely effective for this as it prevents entry to any players that do not belong to your group.

All you have to do is to combine a Wooden Door and three pieces of Scrap Metal.

Check down below for more information on how to make a Metal Door in Unturned.

How To Make A Metal Door – Unturned

The total amount of materials you need to create a Metal Door are:

  • Wooden Door
  • 3 Scrap Metal

To craft the needed Wooden Door, you will need to chop down some trees.You can transform the wood into a wooden frame which can be combined with bolts to create the Wooden Door.

Scrap Metal can be found by searching through construction locations or destroyed vehicles.

Combine them in the “Structures” tab of your crafting menu and you will have a Metal Door!