Unturned: How To Lock Door

November 9, 2022
Keep your belongings and materials safe in Unturned!

The world of Unturned is full of dangers, zombies and other players alike.

That said, you should ensure that you create a safe haven for you and your allies.

To do this, you can place doors on the entrances of your base. For extra security, you can use a Metal Door.

The Metal Door will prevent entry to any players that do not belong to your group.

Check down below for a guide on how to lock your doors in Unturned.

How To Lock Door – Unturned

There are two kinds of doors players can make in Unturned. A Wooden Door and a Metal Door.

The Wooden Door functions as any regular door. These let any player, friend or foe, through.

This makes the Metal Door the better option for base security as it only allows the owner or allies of that owner to pass through the door.

This effectively locks out other players from your base, keeping your belongings safe.