Unturned: How to Build a Base

Published: 1 Jun 2022
Time to protect yourself by creating your own base in Unturned!

Unturned is a free to play survival game where players need to gather resources and work together with their friends in order to survive in a zombie-infested society. This guide will tell you how to build a base in the game.

Unturned: How to Build a Base

In order to create a base, you will first need to gather the required materials such as wooden sticks and logs by cutting down trees. Once you manage to collect enough of them, you will need to open your inventory and choose the crafting option

Press and hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and left-click on the logs and sticks to add them to the crafting menu.

Click on the Craft All button and then select the board on the left pane.

Now drag this board to the crafting menu and press the craft button to create six wooden plates.

Next, take these wooden plates to craft wooden frames.

It’s time to convert these wooden frames by crafting them into a wooden foundation by dragging it to the right pane and clicking the Craft All button

Now find a suitable location where you wish to create your base and press left click to place the foundation of your base.

Open the crafting menu and use the wooden supports and boards to craft four wooden pillars.

Now place these pillars on the four corners of the foundation that you just laid.

Head back to the crafting menu to create some walls this time. You will need 8 wooden frames and 8 wooden pillars to create 4 walls for your base.

Place 3 walls each on the back, left side and right side of the base as you will need to keep the front side of the base open to create the doorway.

In order to craft a doorway, you will need one wooden support and one wooden wall which you then plant on your foundation of the base.

It’s time to create a door for your base, go to the crafting menu and select one wooden frame and some bolts to craft a wooden door. Now place this door in the doorway of your base.

Finally, it’s time to add a ceiling to complete the base that you just created. You will need to craft a wooden platform to craft the ceiling by choosing three wooden plates and one wooden cross. You will need to look down at the floor in order to place the ceiling on your base.

That’s it, you have now managed to successfully create a starter base to protect yourself in the game. You will be now safely protected from zombies inside your base as long as they don’t manage to tear down the walls.

Make sure to add some additional protection like spikes and stuff around your base to safeguard yourself against those dangerous creatures.