Undecember: Optimization Tips & Tricks

October 17, 2022
Gear up and fight the hordes of Undecember!

Undecember is a new hack-and-Slash ARPG developed by Needs Games in which players get to experience becoming a Rune Hunter and experience the joy of linking a variety of Skill and Link Runes. The game comes with a huge amount of character customizations based on intricate item and skill systems. There are lots to learn and remember for new players to the game. There are things such as Alchemy, Runes and Enchanting that can give players a leg up in their adventures.

Here are some tips and tricks for Undecember!

Optimization Tips & Tricks – Undecember

Quests and exploration

Going through the maps of the game quickly does not give you the full experience. Finish all of the quests and 100% the exploration of the maps, don’t just ignore them.

Doing so grants you a large amount of crafting materials and it is also the fastest way to level up.


After a certain time on your adventures, you will encounter better runes than the ones you started with. Do not throw out your old runes.

Instead use them to grow your new runes as just throwing them away or selling them is such a waste.

Respec your character

Respecing is when you reset your character’s skill tree and are given the opportunity to allocate the skill points elsewhere.

If you want to try out different builds and change your character, then do so before Act 5. Trying to respec after that costs an insanely high amount of gold, whereas doing so before Act 5 is free.


Don’t throw out all of your loot. Some items of rarity can be upgraded at the Blacksmith.

So if you get something decent then hang on to it for a bit until you obtain the required upgrade materials and then you can turn it from good to great!


If you have too many skill or link runes on you then another way of utilizing them is through Alchemy. Using Alchemy, you can combine 3 runes into a better rune. Furthermore it lets you access some really good runes, if you are still in Act 1 using Alchemy gives you a chance to obtain a rune from Alchemy

And those are some handy tips and tricks you should take note of in Undecember!