Undecember: Is it Pay to Win? Find Out!

October 16, 2022
Want to find out if Undecember is Pay to Win? Check out this guide.

Undecember is a brand new RPG that has similarities to Torchlight and Diablo. It’s your typical class creation game where you need to complete missions and follow the main story of the game. The only difference with Undecember is that the game has taken the character upgrade mechanic to a whole new and improved level.

This guide will show you if Undecember is Pay to Win.

Is it Pay to Win? Find Out! – Undecember

If we sum up all of the game reviews that are available online we can tell that this game has more positive feedback than negative thoughts about it.

One of the most pay-to-win locations in this game is the chase shop. At the same beginning, you’ll be given different items and other stuff that will fill up your storage and there is no need to fill up more of them.

In the latest level, you won’t have enough storage for all of the items because during the play you’ll have all of the necessities that will help you win the battles and quests.

On top of that if we add the character’s abilities and the item power this game is definitely a pay-to-win game because it has high grades at the same start and will for sure give you enjoyment while playing.