Undecember: How To Farm Legendaries

October 19, 2022
Cover yourself with legendary gear in Undecember!

Undecember is a great looting RPG where players have a chance to obtain Legendary items  and equip it on their character. These powerful characters can continue on to fight more powerful enemies and find better loot which creates a very fun gameplay loop of looting. But where do you find Legendary equipment and how do you find them? Find out down below!

Here’s how to farm legendary equipment in Undecember.

How To Farm Legendaries – Undecember

Unfortunately, the only source for Legendary equipment is from random mob drops. So it will be heavily dependent on your luck.

But instead of mind-numbingly fighting enemies for an eternity, there is a way to improve your chances. Sometimes, you will receive a piece of armor that has a “% Item Drop Rarity” bonus on it.

It would be best to get these bonuses on items of Rare Grade, as they have more chances of enhancement over Magic Grade items while not being as costly to enhance than Unique Grade items.

Having a full set of armor with Item Drop Rarity bonuses is bound to increase your chances by around 40% or more.

Once you have your full set, simply proceed on playing the game and eventually enemies are bound to drop Legendary equipment for you!