Undecember: Equipment Guide

October 14, 2022
Get better gear for your adventures in Undecember!

Undecember is a new hack-and-Slash ARPG developed by Needs Games in which players get to experience becoming a Rune Hunter and experience the joy of linking a variety of Skill and Link Runes. The game comes with a huge amount of character customizations based on intricate item and skill systems. Of course the most important game in loot-based games like these is the chance of finding amazing equipment in your journeys. That is where the blacksmith comes in handy.

Here’s how to handle your equipment in Undecember!

Equipment Guide – Undecember

As you crawl through dungeons and beat challenging raids, you’ll accumulate a lot of items. Some of them amazing, some of them underwhelming. Managing your inventory is important so it doesn’t get cluttered in the end game. You should save the best items and salvage the unimportant ones. Items come in four tiers: Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary.

Most of the equipment management will be with the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith will give you access to a few activities.

Gear Shop

The gear shop lets you purchase cheap Normal items from the Blacksmith. These items are nothing special as you will most likely obtain better ones out in your adventures. This is only for purchasing basic materials if there’s a simple item you want.


Equipment enchanting lets you increase the tier of your items. So for example you can improve your Magic Sculpting Dagger into a Rare Sculpting Dagger, improving its stats and abilities.

So long as you have the required materials, you can upgrade any piece of equipment you want to Legendary.


Disassembling is what you do with items that you do not want. By combing through countless dungeons, your inventory is bound to be filled to the brim with unwanted loot. If you don’t want them taking up space and want to make them useful, then you can disassemble them into components that you can use for enchanting.

And that’s all that you need to know on how to handle your equipment in Undecember!