Undecember: Build Guide Fierce Strike Guide

October 9, 2022
Learn how to create the Fierce Strike build in Undecember

Undecember is a hack-and-slash RPG game where players need to become a Rune Hunter by combining a variety of skills and link runes. You will need to fight against hordes of enemies to obtain new items and use different gears and skills to create your own unique build.

This guide will tell you how to use the Fierce Strike build in the game.

Build Guide Fierce Strike Guide – Undecember

Fierce Strike is an endgame rare skill which means that you need to craft this skill to obtain it. If you wish to start from day one then it is recommended that you start with Earth Blow as it is a physical skill and then you convert it later into Fierce Strike during the endgame.

For the gear, we will be using the CRIT version of the gear and we will be using the Berserker Hatchet as the primary weapon. The attributes that you will need are Critical DMG, Attack DMG and Critical Grade.

You can also get ATK speed for additional benefits on the weapon but your main priority should be focusing on the attributes mentioned before.

The HP Absorb on Attack Hit is the most important one here as it will help you survive longer and it will also help you in the Zodiac Tree so try to get it on atleast one weapon.

For the gear of the armour, try to get it as high as possible with all the resistances such as Freeze Dodge Chance, Cold Resist, Lightning Resist etc.

The rest of the build includes the Plunderer Steel Helmet, Steadfast Plate Vambraces, Dynamic Steel Armour, General Plate Gloves, Siege Plate Greaves, Plain Compass Necklace, Extravagant Crimson Memory Sash, Plain Garnet Ring and the Plain Thread Ring.

Focus on the HP for the body armour, Attack speed and Attack Critical Rate for the gloves, Movement Speed for the boots, Physical Damage for the Necklace, Amplify HP for the belt and Attack Critical Rate Implicit for the Rings.

Below are all the stats of the build:

  • Strength: 337
  • HP:6642
  • Dexterity: 157
  • Barrier: 0
  • Intelligence: 15
  • Mana: 617

Maximum Defense:

  • Armour: 80%
  • Fire Resist: 75%
  • Cold Resist: 75%
  • Lightning Resist: 75%
  • Poison Resist: 75%
  • Chaos Resist: 75%
  • Physical DMG Taken (-): 75%
  • Fire DMG Taken (-): 75%
  • Cold DMG Taken (-): 75%
  • Lightning DMG Taken (-): 75%
  • Poison DMG Taken: (-): 75%

Current Defense

  • Armor: 15852 (79.1%)
  • Fire Resist: 151 (75%)
  • Cold Resist: 180 (75%)
  • Lightning Resist: 199 (75%)
  • Poison Resist: 145 (75%)
  • Chaos Resist: 32 (17%)
  • Physical DMG Taken (-): 4.0 (4.0%)
  • Fire DMG Taken (-):0.0 (0.0%)
  • Cold DMG Taken (-): 0.0 (0.0%)
  • Lightning DMG Taken (-): 0.0 (0.0%)
  • Poison DMG Taken: (-): 0.0 (0.0%)

Skills Used

The first skill used in the build is the Fierce Strike which is a rare skill which means you need to convert it in the action me tab by putting three yellow skills in there to get it.

You can also get the Yellow Rune selection box to obtain this skill. For the Link Runes, you will need to get CRIT Find Weakness, Slaughter, Additional Physical DMG, Attack DMG increase, Quick Attack, and Concentrated Area DMG.

The next skill is the Electric Area which is a new skill that works great and we are using it because of its high shock rate. It will increase the amount of damage that enemies get from all resources which makes it a great skill.

Other notable skills include Acceleration, Shout of Provocation, Fighter’s Wraith, Enhance Effect, Time Acceleration, Vital Strike, Enduring Pain, Teleport, Leap Attack and Disarm. We also have the Critical Rate Rare Runestone and DMG Rare Runestone.

Zodiac Tree

In the Zodiac Tree, we have Dexterity, Strength and Intelligence. You will need to put some points into Dexterity for access and the rest into Strength to gain armour and health with a 3:1 ratio.

Below are the points that you need to select for each tree:

  • 1st tree: all 8 points
  • 2nd tree: Physical DMG, Physical DMG Hit Rate and DMG
  • 3rd tree: DMG upon Attack, Attack Hit Rate and DMG upon Attack and HP
  • 4th tree: DMG upon Attack, Attack Speed and Critical Hit Rate
  • 5th tree: Physical DMG, Armour and HP
  • 6th tree: DMG upon Attack, Physical Damage, Attack Penetration, Attack Speed, Attack Critical Rate and Attack Critical DMG
  • 7th tree: DMG, Attack Critical Rate, Attack Critical DMG and DMG.
  • 8th tree: Physical DMG Taken, Critical DMG Taken and Dodge Disabled
  • 9th tree: DMG when Dual Wielding, Critical Rate when Dual Wielding and Critical DMG when Dual Wielding.
  • 10th tree: HP Regen Disabled, HP and DMG
  • 11th tree: DMG upon Attack, Uplift Effect, Overpower and Overpower Effect
  • 12th tree: Sharpness, Sharpness Effect, Acceleration, Acceleration Effect and DMG upon Attack.
  • 13th tree: HP, DMG upon Attack, Attack Critical Rate and Berserker

That’s it, now go ahead and use these items to create the Fierce Strike build in the game!