Undecember: Best Starter Builds

October 12, 2022
Check out this guide to see which are the best starter builds in Undecember.

Undecember is a great RPG where you start off as a special character that needs to complete various missions given from the NPC which will allow you to follow the game story. During your play time, you will encounter different monsters and obtain various rewards which will help you make your character stronger for each upcoming battlefield.

This guide will show you the best starter builds available in Undecember.

Best Starter Builds – Undecember

Spread Shot & Rapid Shot

The Spread Shot and Rapid Shot combination is a great way to maximize your attack speed and damage by doing a ton of AOE. Undecember is a game where a ton of mobs will start coming your way at once and you need to be prepared to take them all out as fast as possible.

With this build, clearing giant waves of monsters will be a piece of cake.

Piercing Arrows

The Piercing Arrows ability will allow you to shoot multiple enemies at once whenever there are a ton of monsters coming by. Combine this skill with the spread shot ability and you will also have another way to AOE damage enemies even better.

Fireball Build

The Fireball Build is similar to the Spread Shot & Rapid Shot build. Instead of firing with an arrow, you now use the Layfon Alsefis Fireball.

Also a great way to delete big waves of monsters coming your way and you will leave fire trails on the ground, that allows you to deal even more damage. You can also keep a good distance between your enemies with this combination. Allowing you to play the safe game.


The Fissure build you have a protection ability and on each attack you summon 3 earth shocks which will deal a ton of damage to enemies. This is a melee build and is a great build for those players who like to keep things close and personal with different monsters.