Undecember: Best Icy Arrow Bow Build

November 4, 2022
Check out this guide to see which is the best Icy Arrow Bow Build in Undecmber.

Undecember is a great RPG where you get to upgrade your character and make him play however you want. A great part about this game is that you have a ton of different combinations to play around with and learning the best build can help you become the best and defeat everything that stands in your way easily. Knowing which is the best Asia Icy Arrow Bow Build in the game is great if you want a ranger character.

This guide will show you the best Icy Arrow Bow Build in Undecember.

Best Icy Arrow Bow Build

The Icy Arrow ability is one of the best ranged abilities that stacks well with other skills if you want to be one of the best ranged damage dealing character.

The Icy Arrows will allow you to fire an icy arrow to damage the enemy. Frost Spheres are formed along the arrow’s path inflicting additional damage with an explosion.

Some of these runes are rare and some legendary. It’s best to apply these specific ones if you don’t have the correct rarity. Of course it won’t do as much damage, but the effects are better than having something random.

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The best way to buff up this Icy Arrow build is to link it with 6 different abilities that will buff up your character base damage and also buff up the Icy Arrow ability as well.

Here is a list of all the abilities that you should connect your Icy Arrows with:

  • Attack DMG Increase Rune (Increased Overall Damage)
  • Find Weakness Rune (Increased Critical Strike & Critical Damage)
  • Additional Cold DMG Rune (Increased Cold Damage)
  • Concentrated Area DMG (Increased AOE Damage)
  • Element DMG Amplifier (Elemental DMG Increase & Physical DMG Increase)
  • Cold Penetration (Cold Damage Increase & Penetration)

With these 6 additional runes added to your Icy Arrows, you will definitely deal a ton of extra damage and many effects will apply to your arrow explosion which helps clearing groups of enemies, and also works best against Single Target opponents.