Undawn: Frost Queen Legendary Animal Location

June 27, 2023
It's time to see where you can find the Frost Queen Legendary Animal Location for Undawn.

Undawn is yet another amazing adventure shooter game filled with a lot of missions, collectibles, and all sorts of challenging enemies waiting for you. The Frost Queen Legendary Animal is a very scary crocodile that will roam around the rivers in Central Plains. It is part of a great mission that will surely show you what it’s like to be the best animal hunter out there.

In this guide, we will show you the Frost Queen Legendary Animal Location for Undawn.

Frost Queen Legendary Animal Location

To begin your adventure in locating the Frost Queen Animal, you need to first open up your Wilderness Anecdote and open up the tab called Wilderness Hunter.

Scroll down and you will find the Legendary Animal: Frost Queen and see a clue for it where it may be as well as what your requirements for it are.

This mission is a hunting match that you need to do at the Western Outpost to prove to yourself and the others that you can hunt and slay anything that stands in your way.

However, you will see that it is locked, stating “Yet to start”. This means that before this mission, you need to complete a different mission called “Legendary Animal: Rising Bison”.

Here you will need to go to Hope in the Central Plains and find a scared farmer who will give you more information about the hunt.

After speaking with the farmer, you will complete the Bison challenge and the Frost Queen Animal challenge will now be unlocked and ready for you.

Once you’ve accepted it, you need to make your way over to The Western Outpost and speak with one of the Restless Hunters there. (He will have an orange quest mark on him if you’ve accepted the quest already)

You will then get a quest just outside The Western Outpost where you need to look for crocodile tracks.

You are going to follow a series of footsteps from this crocodile and eventually make it to a hunter’s place where there are some footprints.

After another search, you will see a crocodile that is dead. Simply skin it here if you want some extra rewards.

However, the objective will tell you that you need to cross the river in order to look for the hunter, be careful here as once you cross the river, a bunch of crocodiles will spawn on you and start attacking you.

After all 3 crocodiles have been killed, you will see the injured hunter sitting next to a rock and asking for help. He will then give you more information about the Frost Queen Animal and where it was last seen.

Now all you need to do is to follow a couple more crocodile trails and eventually, out of the river, the Frost Queen Crocodile will jump and start attacking you.

We hope this guide helped you locate the Frost Queen Animal in Undawn.