Ultimate F2P Character Class Tier List: Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

Published: 25 May 2022
Check out the Ultimate F2P Character Class Tier List in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds!

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a new release on mobiles and PC, set in the imaginative wonderful world where players can select from a variety of different classes with unique skills to discover the new world. All of these characters have their own specific skills and powers that determine the way of the future gameplay. In the same way, as you choose for a tank or healer in some other games, here is actually pretty similar to deciding to stick with any of the classes you are most familiar with.

In this guide, we will show you the Ultimate F2P Character Class Tier List in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds!

Ultimate F2P Character Class Tier List: Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

It is so important to choose a class that you like and vibe with because this is a long term MMORPG with a big focus on concentrating on a single class and you’ll be looking at the same abilities and characters for months to come and you don’t want to regret your selection because you chose a class based on what other said.

The game is actually pretty well balanced and a big majority of your power will depend on your items, familiars, and the amount of time you invested and not which class you play as.

Ni No Kuni has at least two elements in the beginning that affects your power, which is weapons and familiars and they are by far the biggest part of your effectiveness, and they’re pretty much up to luck what you’ll be getting.

Almost everything you do in the game will be party-based, whether it be PVP or PVE dungeons and each class has a very defined tole and purpose to fulfill.

This is a F2P friendliness, or how easy it will be to reach maximum effectiveness and potential with a class.


Best abilities:

  • Destroyer is the defense-oriented class and it’s heavily reflected in his abilities. His most powerful class ability is definitely War Cry. Not only this ability has an amazing damage scaling but it’s also a low cooldown. It taunts enemies in both PVP and PVE and reduces the base attack damage taken by the destroyer up to 50%.
  • Graviton Power is another fantastic tool in the destroyer’s arsenal. It’s a great damage scaling ability that also pulls enemies closer to the destroyer. It’s hard to use but combos really well with its other abilities. The damage scaling and utility alone places it high for the abilities.
  • The third ability is the Frost Shield which also synergizes well with the rest of the destroyer’s abilities while providing protection and valuable movement slow debuff against enemies.

Best Passives:

  • Indomitable Soul will heal for a massive amount continuously when the destroyer gets on low health allowing him to recover easily or stay in battle and tank.
  • Oath of Revenge will buff your defense, attack speed, and movement speed when taking larger damage from enemies is just multiple layers of valuable buffs, though with a large cooldown of 90 seconds.
  • Counter Slow has a chance to slow your attacker’s attack and movement speed when they hit you. Slowing enemies especially rogue and engineer at PVP is vital.

Destroyer has a lot of great abilities as you can see but since both their best active and passive ability is locked behind RNG or a payroll unfortunately to fully enjoy the kit they offer we consider them a bit lower on the free-to-play tier list.


 The engineer has everything.

Best Abilities:

  • Healing Tree is healing your party in a circle 8 times up to 40%, It heals everyone equally with a relatively low cooldown which is really efficient.
  • Resurrection is a no-brainer the only revive in the whole game. It needs no explanation and can be leveled by tokens so accessible to everyone.
  • Time Leap is one of the best skills in the entire game and it reduces cooldown times for basic abilities of everyone in the party while also increasing damage dealt with those abilities. It can also be leveled up with tokens.

Best Passives:

  • Medic is increasing the healing and barrier abilities by up to 15%. You are the main heal class and this increases straightforward choice.
  • Protection of light is a very valuable passive for engineer. Since they are the main haler it’s also vital to stay alive this gives you an amazing barrier.
  • Fast Trick – Your auto attacks reduce your cooldown times which is incredible, especially as a supporting character. It benefits not just you but everyone around you.

Engineer is not only a support character that doesn’t rely as much on equipment and familiars to be valuable to a team but almost all of their best abilities are straight up accessible to everyone.


Best Abilities:

  • Siphon Blade debuffs enemies and buffs his team at the same time with defense up and defense down. It can be leveled up by tokens.
  • Guardian Sanctuary is also a token skill and it’s a buff that scales incredibly well in numbers and buffs, attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed for everyone.
  • Arcane Barrier is a giant AOE shield that can reduce damage taken by up to 40% for everyone in it. While blinding enemies making it an incredible defense buff.

Best Passives:

  • Death Seal is absolutely bonkers. It boosts your damage and stuns enemies for 2 seconds with a fairly low cooldown. If you’re an aggressive swordman this ability is overpowered.
  • Fortress is a stacking defense passive that if you’re in the heat of battle, you can keep it up pretty much 100% making it the best protection passive for swordman.
  • Defense Call is a low activation chance defense buff for the whole party that isn’t as effective at the start but it fully leveled its skills really well and can become a party white fortress.

Swordman has a lot of very easily acquired abilities that are very useful and he absolutely does not need the ones bored behind paying, those abilities are especially good when it comes to how much he could do if only you had them.


This is a pure damage glass cannon class.

Best Abilities:

  • Crystal Wave is capable of dealing high scale damage and stunning multiple times in a row if plays right. Serving as an amazing combo starter and has both offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Blink is a teleport and invulnerability window for a witch that can be used again both for attacking and escaping and combined with crystal wave can be really powerful.
  • Deadly Spike is a dark AOE ability that increases damage taken by all enemies. Not only that it increases damage taken by them but also deals fairly good damage in a meantime, making it one of the better support abilities.

Best Passives:

  • Armor Crash is a stackable defense debuff on enemies. It benefits everyone and stacks. It is easy to level up with tokens.
  • Meikyo Shisui – every normal attack will increase your damage and guarantees you a critical hit, which attacks very fast and has multiple ways to increase her attack speed. If you can master this ability and set up your combos well it’s a must-pick.
  • Rapid Stream gives a chance to increase the whole team’s attack speed, especially great in combo with Meikyo, and is a token skill that makes it very accessible.

Witch is an incredibly strong class with insane potential as both the DPS and damage support at the same time, but without question, their best abilities are all behind either heavy RNG or having to pay.


Arrange DPS and support wolf boy.

Best Abilities:

  • Blazing Heart is their best ability and it’s easy to level up with tokens and can reach a 15% damage buff for 20 seconds for the whole party with a 30 seconds cooldown.
  • Solar Flare is one of their best damage scaling ability and on top of that, it has great utility. It’s an AOE slow and stunned. It combos really well with multi-shot and has synergy with the rest of rogue’s kit.
  • Gravity Arrow is incredible, definitely a hard-to-use ability with a very long cooldown but it immobilizes enemies caught. It combos perfectly with solar flare and all other abilities.

Best Passives:

  • Quick Move is a passive movement speed buff.
  • Burst Charge increases the amount of times your whole party can use their burst ability and it’s just too valuable to pass up, especially since it’s technically free as it’s a token exchange passive.
  • Enmity boosts both your attack and your damage taken when attacking and it stacks up 5 times. If you play unsafe without a strategy this will kill you fast, but if you play smart, you learn to kite and play well in a team it’s a straight-up damage buff for rogue without any downsides.

Rogue is just incredible while some of his better abilities are locked behind RNG and paywall, none of those are vital to truly unlock his maximum potential and his core support. A skilled rogue will be able to play this class to its full extent and be strong as both DPS or a support.