ULTIMATE 2022 Reyna Guide – Valorant Tips & Tricks

Published: 3 May 2022
Check out the Ultimate 2022 Reyna Tips & Tricks in Valorant!

Reyna is practically one of the easiest and most simplistic agents to learn in Valorant. Her kit allows her to be very strong, and very viable, and it’s pretty straightforward. Not a lot of things in the kit are hard to explain nor hard to understand. Reyna is a very frag heavy and a frag dependent agent. If you are not fragging out with Reyna, you are not really doing your job.

In this guide, we will show you the Ultimate 2022 Reyna Tips & Tricks in Valorant!

ULTIMATE 2022 Reyna Guide – Valorant Tips & Tricks

Let’s understand first what her kit actually does. She has two flashes known as leers. They are physical flashes that can be destroyed and if you are in its perception you will be blinded by them.

What makes her a really good arena in higher ELO is how you could switch around with your flashes. Entry fragging is initially what you should be doing with her flashes. You can flash low or high, or you can flash close corner then swing or wide, or you can flash straight on.

What you see at the very bottom of the screen, are practically the two main abilities that she uses to get in and out of fights and how she helps herself become a really good Frager.

The first one that you see there is her devour, which is a self-heal every time you get a kill or assist, a soul orb will drop. The good thing about the heal is that you’ll be able to overheal that is really strong in pistol rounds and when you have a close gunfight in a one-on-one.

Her next ability is her dismiss. Practically, when you get a soul orb, you could dismiss, meaning you become invincible for a short period of time, you can’t get hit and you could barely be seen.

This is really viable when you’re getting in and out of quick little fights when you’re hopping or when you’re fragging.

Her last ability is her ultimate, called Empress.

What she practically does is, goes into her empress form, when she heals, she’ll be able to overheal and she’ll be able to dismiss, but the catch is when she dismisses she becomes invisible and no one can see her, but you can hear her.