Tunic: Where To Find Dash Location Guide

Published: 4 Apr 2022
Let’s complete this quest and obtain the Dash ability.

Tunic is an interesting game that offers the player different abilities and fighting styles. The player has the ability to begin an interesting quest that will guide him through a series of events and at the end of the event, to fight off some monsters and obtain the dash ability.

This guide will show you how to obtain the Dash ability in Tunic.

Tunic: Where To Find Dash Location Guide

The dash ability is a good ability that will help you move around faster and teleport from one to another area.

Firstly you must obtain all 3 keys to start this quest:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Get back to the teleport where you will be teleported to a room with 5 different teleports. Jump in the middle teleport where you will encounter a ghost fox.

A fight will begin with the fox and in this scenario, you will die. You cannot get away from that, but it’s okay because that is part of the quest. You return to your ghost form and begin the quest.

The map will change once you respawn and you will be taken to a land where you will need to search for an arena where you will fight.

When your journey starts from this small beach, continue going forward and up the stairs. You will be crossing a bridge, and once you cross it you will want to turn right and go into some bushes.

Follow the path and take the first right where you will notice a blue bridge that was not there before. Pass the bridge and go down some stairs.

The pillar can be prayed at to be removed. Once you finish praying, it will drop to the ground.

Drop down the stairs and you will notice a pink shiny path engraved in the ground. Follow the path until you reach an area where you can make a safe spot for yourself and enter a ruin.

Pass the ruin where you will find the pink path again which you will need to follow. Be careful as some ghosts will appear and try to attack you, you still have your shotgun weapon. So freely attack them!

Once you reach the end by following the pink path, you will stumble upon a pillar that can be prayed at.

Once you’ve prayed at the pillar, it will ride more and charge by turning purple. Once it’s fully charged it will drop down in the ground.

Once the pillar is dropped, continue going east towards the area where you will need to climb some hills.

You will climb an area called the citadel where you will see a bunch of gravestones. When you reach the top of the area, simply turn left or northwest and continue going up.

Once you reach the end of the road, you will want to turn left and continue following the path where there is a stone platform.

Following the stone platform will lead you to an area where there is another pink shiny strip on the ground that can guide you to your next destination.

As you follow the road you will also find another pillar that can be prayed at.

Once the pillar has dropped down, the pink path will show up and a gate will be opened at the end of the stone bridge.

Enter the area where you will encounter a church-looking room. When you enter the area, turn right and continue going in that direction once you pass the first room.

When you reach this certain room, you will want to turn left and go north where you will enter an area with a pink pool.

The room with the pink pool will have some strong enemies that you can kill easily by climbing the stairs on the right side and killing them 1 by 1. After that continue following the stairs upwards.

Continue following the road into the next room where you will need to hit one more enemy and enter the next area.

The next room will lead you to a staircase room that you will only need to continue going up to the end of the room and on the south side you will enter a different area.

The pink birds are slow and you can run through them easily. At the end of the room you will find another entrance that will lead you to a different big room.

You will need to follow the balcony and go around the area where you will enter a room where two guards are guarding an entrance.

Kill the guards and proceed towards the next area.

The next room will be a laser beam room, here you can easily break laser beam pillars that shoot the red laser in order to free up some space for walking.

The next room will be a bigger room with a giant pink fox in the middle of it. The pink fox will follow you and try to attack you. The exit of this room is located on the southeast side of the room.

Be careful as the fox will enter the other room with you and try to kill you.

The next room will have a pillar that needs to be prayed at and activated. Activate the pillar and you will need to walk back from the starting area. To get there easily, let the purple fox kill you and you will spawn there.

Once you are back at The Cathedral, go to the middle of the room where you will climb some stairs and activate them. They will lead you down into a different area.

When you get to the lower area, you will find another place where you can choose your next spawn point and some stairs that lead down. Take the stairs to the next location.

Once you go down the stairs you will enter an arena where you will need to fight waves of monsters.

Activate all the statues one by one and fight off every single wave of monsters.

Once you reach the final phase of this arena, the boss will spawn that has the 3 stones on his head:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red

Once you finish killing the boss, a glowing chest will spawn in the middle of the room that will give you the dash ability.