Tunic: West Garden Teleport Location Guide

April 4, 2022
Let’s locate the West Garden Teleporter

The tunic is an action-adventure game that has a lot of interesting maps and skills that you can do with your characters. Part of these maps is the West Garden Teleported which will allow you to teleport to a different zone and explore different areas.

This guide will show you how to get to the West Garden Teleporter in Tunic

Tunic: West Garden Teleport Location Guide

Once you start off from the first area where there are 5 different portals, you want to go towards the east portal and enter it.

Once you’ve been teleported to the area, begin moving southwest and make sure to have your Teleport Dash.

Continue following the red arrow as shown on the image and continue going down the path.

You will then continue down the path as it’s shown on the image and on the east side you will see a set of stairs that you can climb down.

Go down the stairs and continue going west where you will go under a bridge, continue going west until you reach the end of the road.

When you reach the end of the road as you go west, move a bit north until you see tome green triangles that look like tiny trees. Go there where you will need to teleport from one place to another using your dash.

From the last area you’ve teleported to (The left red square) you want to go southwest where you will stumble upon a broken bridge that you can teleport dash on to.

Pass the bridge and continue going the path directed with red arrows, at the end of the road the screen will turn black and you will be entering the West Garden Teleport room.

When you enter the area, you will continue going south until you reach a dark cave entrance from where you’ve obtained the Ice Dagger.

From this area, continue teleporting on platforms and going south, you will end up on an area where you can get yourself a safe spot and on the right side you will see a disabled teleport.

Go from the southern side around the teleporter where you will see a hidden door with 3 blue flowers below it. Press A where the 3 flowers are and a secret door will open.

There you will also find a bonus chest with some rewards.