Triangle Strategy: ULTIMATE Accessories Guide

October 17, 2022
Check out this guide to see all of the effects and locations of all accessories in Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy is a tactical roleplay game where you explore different lands in different chapters. During your adventures, you will find a lot of accessories that can be used against monsters to buff yourself up and defeat them faster and easier.

This guide will show you how to find and what the effects are in all accessories in Triangle Strategy.

ULTIMATE Accessories Guide – Triangle Strategy

These accessories can be found all over the map. In the list below, we will show you what the effects are and where to obtain them. Let’s begin.

Movement BangleChapter 11 (Behind Frederica)Increases Movement by 1
Vanguard ScarfChapter 4 (Inside the Mines)Guarantees first action at the start of battle.
Red ScarfChapter 7 (Choose to save Rolan)Recovers HP when you defeat an enemy.
Rear Guard’s CloakChapter 8 (Right by the entrance of the castle next to a tree)Decreases damage taken when being hit from behind.
Red AnkletChapter 9 (Go down the stairs and look at the shield)Increases strength and magic attack for 3 turns when you defeat an enemy.
Bangle of VitalityChapter 9 (Choose the “Smuggle the Salt” option)Grants a little HP at the start of your turn.
Grounding AmuletChapters 10 & 11(Pass the trial)Grants immunity to being knocked back.
Resurrection EaringChapter 11 (Save Rosel)Automatically revives the wearer once per battle.
Obsidian AnkletChapter 16 (Inside the mines)Increase strength and magic attack, but prevents neutral TP recovery at the start of your turn.
Endurance EarringChapter 11 (Give up the Rosel in chapter 11 and visit the Rosel in chapter 15)Decreases damage taken when HP is at 50% or below.
Black AnkletChapter 13 (During the boating phase)Increases strength, magic attack, physical defense, and magic defense, but deals damage to you at the start of your turn.
Gold Pinkie RingPurchased from the enchantment shopIncreases the chances of enemies dropping spoils when increased
Amulet of ImmunityChapter 15 (By the fountain)Grants immunity to all status ailments.
Plume of ImmortalityObtainable if you complete an entire run without a unit dying.Grants a 50% chance of revival after falling in battle