Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles & Upgrades Locations (Chapter 1)

Published: 6 May 2022
Check out all the collectible artifacts and upgrades in the first chapter of Trek To Yomi!

Trek To Yomi is a side scrolling action game that lets you explore different areas. A traditional game that allows you to explore areas and encounter many people that will be your allies and some will become your enemies. The game offers a ton of hidden collectibles around the map. These collectibles will help you upgrade your character and also get you to 100% game progress.

This guide will show you all the Chapter 1 Locations of Artifacts and Upgrades in Trek To Yomi.

Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles & Upgrades Locations (Chapter 1)

Artifact: Tamaya Mirror

To get this first artifact, you will need to go behind the giant building and go over a small bridge that will lead you to two people having a conversation, on the side you will find the first artifact.

Artifact: Izanagi Print

To get this artifact, you must go back and climb the staircase that leads to the restaurant. As you enter the restaurant, you will find the artifact on the left side, just on top of the table.

Artifact: Kai-Awase Shell

This artifact will be located at the bazaar. You need to the walk up to the Merchant and obtain the artifact from him.

Artifact: Sakura Bloom

You need to enter the flower plant area to find the bloom. Once you reach it, you will see some flowers in the middle of the room on a table. That is where you will find the artifact.

Artifact: Field Mouse Sculpture

To get this artifact, you need to enter a garden to one of the houses.

Once inside, continue going towards the wooden fence, and on the left side of the fence, just on the table you will find the next artifact.

Health Upgrade

On the road by the river, you will find your Health Upgrade, you need to come to the watermill and go down the stairs, halfway you will notice something shining.

Artifact: Kakute

Pass the wooden bridge that leads over the river and takes you inside the village. When you enter the village, you need to enter the second house on the right.

Inside this area, in the middle of the room, you will find a shiny item that you can obtain which is the artifact.

Stamina Upgrade

This next upgrade will be located in a house just after the bazaar.

Once you are inside the house, continue going to the right side where you will enter a small room with a shiny collectible on the table that is the stamina upgrade.

Artifact: Izanami Print & Stamina Upgrade

When you exit the village, go to the right side and enter the graveyard. Once in there, on the left side you will find a vase that you can consume which gives you a stamina upgrade.

The artifact will be located in the same area, you will find it on the right side of the screen, hidden behind a grave stone.