Train Sim World 3: How to Move the BR 185 2

September 13, 2022
Get the BR 185 2 moving in no time!

Being a simulator game for operating real-life trains, Train Sim World 3 can sometimes prove overwhelming to some. Expect a ton of switches to flip, a myriad of gauges to always keep a close eye on, and a bunch of levers to push or pull. While it can be difficult, this is all part of Train Sim World 3’s charm and we would be lying if we told you it isn’t fun.

With all that being said, here is how you move the BR 185 2 in Train Sim World 3.

How to Move the BR 185 2 in Train Sim World 3

After entering the cabin and sitting on the operator’s seat. Find the Reverser on the left side of the main control board. Put the Reverser Handle.

This controls the direction of the train and activates it.

Once the Reverser Handle is put in, crank it forward.

Now look for the Headlights switch in the middle of the control board and put it on to signal others that the train is operational.

Do the same for the Signal Lights just behind you. Switch it to Headlights.

Go back to the driver’s seat once that’s done.

Notice that you have three breaks on your right, the Direct Brake, the Train Brake, and the Electric Brake.

Each of them has its own use. For now, we would be focusing on the Train Brake.

This is typically what would slow down the train when it’s moving.

Since the train is now ready to go, release the Train Brake.

Now look to the left and crank the Throttle just a bit to get the train moving forward. For starters, put it at 18%. You crank it up further once the train gets moving a bit.

Once you have the train moving at your desired speed, you may adjust the Throttle back to off for the train to start coasting.

And that’s that! You now have the BR 185 2 running. Take note that other locomotives wouldn’t be as simple to run as this one but the basics would still be there.