Train Sim World 3: How To Move And Brake The Class 66

September 12, 2022
Learn how to drive this British freight heavy-duty locomotive!

Train Sim World 3 is the third iteration of one of the most popular train simulators where you can learn and master the art of driving your favourite trains across scenic routes.

The BR Class 66 is a British diesel-electric locomotive that you can drive on the Great Western Route, East Coastway and the Southeastern High-Speed Extended route to haul freight. Before starting your journey, it’s important for you to get familiarized with the controls so you can drive this heavy-duty locomotive.

This guide will tell you how to start and stop the BR Class 66 locomotive.

How To Move And Brake The Class 66 in Train Sim World 3

First, you need to enter the cabin and then press E to sit in the driver’s seat.

Now insert the reverser on your right and then move it forward by pressing W to set the direction of travel.

Set the headlights to day running to let other drivers know that this train is now operational.

The Direct Brake on your left has three positions: Apply, Hold and Release.

Changing its position will directly affect the Brake Cylinder pressure indicated by the BC gauge on your hud.

During the Apply state, the BC gauge will fill up meaning that more and more brakes are applied. You can move the handle to hold to maintain the level of braking or change it to release to reduce the amount of brakes being applied.

The Direct Brake is only applicable to your locomotive and doesn’t affect the braking for the rest of the train. They are generally faster to apply and release than the main brakes and can be useful if you are only driving a single locomotive.

Move the Automatic Brake lever to the release position and keep it in that position until you see the Brake Pipe Control gauge needles reading 5 BAR and pointing upwards.

This will completely release the brakes on the locomotive.

The Brake Cylinder or BC gauge will also move to 0 meaning that the brakes are released and you can start moving the train.

Press A to increase the throttle and start moving the train. As you apply power, the AMP bar will start rising meaning that the amount of power fed into the traction motor is increasing.

You need to keep it out of the red as it means that you are overpowering the motors and they could get damaged.

Set the throttle to 0 to coast the locomotive. Coasting is a method used to maintain speeds and reduce the stress on motors as well as the maintenance requirements.

To stop the train, move the direct brake on your left to hold by pressing ] on your keyboard.

That’s it, you have successfully learned how to start and stop the Class 66 locomotive in the game!