Train Sim World 3: Cold Starting the SD40-2

September 13, 2022
Breeze through the complexities of cold starting the SD40-2 by following this guide!

Train Sim World 3, true to its name, puts players behind realistic locomotives expecting them to operate such with the true precision of a train operator itself. While it is indeed fun to poke around virtual recreations of real trains, such as the SD40-2, it can also be downright confusing for some. Worry not! We are here to help.

For this particular guide, we will be showing you how to cold start the SD40-2 locomotive. Buckle up, this one is a little more complicated than the others.

Cold Starting the SD40-2 in Train Sim World 3

How to Cold Start the SD40-2

First things first, enter the train from its left side and face its many panels, levers, and switches by sitting in the Engineer’s seat.

Inside the locomotive, you’d immediately see several switches to your left.

These are the Engine Run, Generator Field, and Control & Fuel Pump. Turn these three switches on.

Following that, look further to the left and find the Cut-Off Valve. Turn it to Freight.

After that, proceed further into the locomotive and look for the Fuse Cabinet.

It should be just behind you when facing the panels from earlier. Open it.

Here, flip the Main Breaker to ‘Closed’ and then close the cabinet back.

Now, head to the side of the train by accessing the door to the left of the cabinet.

Walk along until you find the latch opening that encases the train’s engine. Unlock it.

Here, put the Engine to ‘Prime.’

Wait for the gauge just above it to point to the left. Release the Engine Prime.

This time put the Engine to ‘Start.’ Wait for the train to roar then release it.

The gauge should still be pointing to the left.

After that, look for the Governor on the right side of the Engine. Put it to ‘Cranking.’

Once that’s done, close the engine doors and lock the latch encasing it back. Proceed further down the train.

Soon enough you should see the train’s Crossing. Open them to cross to the other side of the train.

Proceed even further and find this part of the train’s main panel. It’s just like the one where you were at the start. Flip the same three switches on.

After that, look inside the Fuse Cabinet again and turn the Main Breaker to ‘Closed.’ Just like the one before, close the cabinet back after doing this.

Head back outside and look for this part of the train’s engine door latch. Unlock it and face the engine just like before. Do the same steps you did just a while ago.

Basically, do the same as you did for the first train.

Now that both trains are roaring, head back to the cabin of the train you are currently in.

Look above the Fuse Cabinet for the Isolation Switch. Flip it to ‘Run.’

Then look behind you and proceed to the door to your left. There, you should see the Handbrake. Release it.

Go back to the first train you were at the beginning. Close the doors on your way there. Do the same you just did a while ago – the Insolation Switch and the Handbrake.

Once that’s dealt with, sit back on the Engineer’s seat. Insert the Reverser to your left and put it to Forward.

Now look for the MU-2A Valve on the corner left of the main panel. Turn it to ‘Lead or Dead.’

Following that, look just above it for the Automatic Brake lever, and release it.

Pay close attention now to the Brake Cylinder and Brake Pipe Gauge.

Wait for the White and Red needles to converge somewhere near 50.

After that, flip the Headlights Front to Bright & Ditch Lights.

Open the windows to your right while waiting for the Brake Pipe gauge to hit 90.

Now put the Throttle to 1.

The train should now move slowly. Turn the Throttle further up if you want it to move faster. But remember to keep the AMP bar green.

There you have it! You have now cold-started the SD40-2 locomotive! It might have been a complicated ride but you made it. Enjoy!