Train Sim World 3: Class 465 Setup Tutorial

September 6, 2022
Learn how to drive the BR Class 465 in Train Sim World 3!

Train Sim World 3 is the third iteration of one of the most popular train simulators where you can learn and master the art of driving your favourite trains across scenic routes. As a part of the Southeastern High-Speed route, you will need to drive the BR Class 465 EMU and to do that it’s important to get familiarize yourself with the controls.

This guide will tell you how to set up and get started with the BR Class 465.

Class 465 Setup Tutorial in Train Sim World 3

The first thing that you need to do is enter the cab of the train by going through the side doors and then sit down in the driver’s seat.

Next, you will need to turn on the safety systems such as AWS, DSD and Vigilance to normal.

These are all optional steps that you can perform for improved safety.

You can also set the tail lights to OFF and the headlights to day running.

Set the Master Key in the bottom left corner of the cab  to ON.

Move the Reverser to the Neutral position

A beeping sound will start playing which means that you need to acknowledge the AWS self-test sequence by interacting with the AWS reset button.

On your left, you will find the door controls and you can press the All release button to unlock all the doors.

This will open all the doors on the left side of the train.

For the doors located on the right, you will find similar buttons on the right corner of the cab.

You also have the horn switch here where you can use either the high or low tone depending on your preferences.

The Wiper switch can also be found just below the horn and you can set it to either Intermittent, Slow or Fast depending on how hard it is raining outside.

After the passengers have embarked, you can close the doors by pressing the blue button on the door controls panel.

You can press the Y button to close all the doors and U to close all the doors on the right.

Now set the reverser to forward as it’s time for departure.

Move the Power/Brake handle downwards to set it to P2 and get moving.

Whenever you encounter a red light during your journey, press the DRA button to prevent the train from moving further past the red light.

That’s it, you have successfully learned how to start and move the BR Class 465 in the game!