TRAHA Global: Hellguard Boss Guide

TRAHA Global is a great MMORPG which is actually a mobile game that has been released for PC users. Similar to Torchlight Infinite. This game allows you to create a character and pick a different class (weapon) to play with various abilities. Complete quests and follow a story to become the greatest there ever was.

This guide will show you the mechanics and how to beat the Hellguard Boss in TRAHA Global.

Hellguard Boss Guide

Before you start this fight, you will need 1 tank at all times to tank this boss so everyone can stay alive.

The Hellguard Boss will be waiting you at his arena. Whenever you first engage him, for several seconds, he will auto attack the closest player and won’t deal as much damage.

He then will follow up by charging up towards 1 focused area. Whenever that charge finishes loading, Hellguard will charge towards that marked area, deal damage and knock everyone away.

To avoid this ability, simply move away from the marked area and dodge the attack.

His next ability will be a ground slam. Hellguard will slam the ground towards a player that he is focused, mainly that will be the tank, but at some rare occasions, a DPS may get hit. The only possible way to defend yourself from this is by activating a defensive ability.

Another ability that Hellguard will use is his fire breath. Hellguard will create a mark that looks like a cone in a specific area where he will use his fire breath. Simply move away from that area to dodge this attack.

One of his deadlier abilities that Hellguard will use is his enrage. He will enrage himself to become stronger and start rapidly hitting the ground. Upon each hit with his arm, he will create circles around the arena that explode and deal damage on impact.

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Follow where each circle spawns and try to dodge it at all times to avoid getting damaged.

And the final ability that Hellguard will use against you is his charge. He will charge celestial energy and explode, dealing AOE damage to everyone, you will notice this ability taking place whenever Hellguard kneels to the ground and begins channeling energy from the sky.

Use a defensive ability at this moment to prevent getting killed.

Also do watch out from the meteors that Hellguard will randomly spawn around the arena. They will stand there for a long period of time. The tank needs to drag the boss away from these fire pits to avoid getting the rest of the team killed.

And those are all of the abilities that you need to watch out for. Hellguard all in all is not a hard boss to defeat, although it is a time consuming fight, just be prepared for his abilities and you will kill him in no time!

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