Tower Of Fantasy: World Exploration Guide

August 11, 2022
Learn everything about the world of Tower of Fantasy before you begin to explore it!

Tower of Fantasy is a newly released free-to-play action role-playing game with a massive world that is full of different objects, places, enemies, and secret locations that players have to explore and collect in order to complete some of the quests and get their rewards. Before starting with roaming and exploring the map, it could be very beneficial if you know some of the main things for exploration in the game.

In this guide, you can find everything about the World Exploration in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy: World Exploration Guide

Map Tips

It is very important to know how to use and navigate the map in Tower of Fantasy. Sometimes you will find that your mini-map in the top corner won’t show you where some supply pods are.

However, if you click the map and maximize it, sometimes it will show you supply pods on the map that are just outside the range of your mini-map.

The second thing is, on your mini-map you might see little white diamonds which are objects that you can interact with.

They are things like the dandylions that you can shoot and if you do see those, they are the stuff that you can probably get a summon from and you will want to go to them.

Movement Tips

The handy things for exploration are going to be the infinite climb strategy, and also the dodge jetpack strategy.

To infinitely climb a wall, you need to press control to detach, double jump and then press “W” to reattach. You can keep doing this and it won’t drain the stamina climbing.

When you are flying with the jetpack, every time when your dodge is available, you should dodge into the jetpack, and like that you can keep cruising along.

Supply Pods

The basic things that you are going to find around the map are the supply pods.

When you find one, you have to interact with it by pressing “F” and you are going to get a summon and some good experience.

Because they are giving experience, if you are grinding from day one, there will be a level cap and if you are level capped try not to go ahead and get these supply pods.

Guarded Supply Pods

These pods are ones around the map that are protected by mechanical animals.

These animals are guarding the supply pods, and you need to defeat them in order to get access to the supply pod.

Password Pods

Some of the supply pods are hidden by a code and they will have a barrier in front of them, and to open these codes, you have to find robots around the place and after interacting with them, they will give you the passcode.

Green Chests

Green supply chests spawn and these are the only ones that can be taken by other people on your server.

They give a bit of experience but even if you have to go ahead and take them you will still get some free stuff. They don’t give so worthy rewards or any summons.

All that you get from them is an experience and some small materials for upgrade.

Ring of Echos

Ring of Echos is a one-time musical jump on a thing, and watch it light up.

There are few small platforms where you have to jump in a row and make them all light up.

Once all of them are activated, they will spawn a chest for you where you can find some decent rewards.


It is normally a supply pod that is encased in thorns. All you need to do is to shoot the thorns to reveal the supply pod and then you can go ahead and collect it.

They can be found all around the map, and better not skip them because they can get you some really worthy items.


You can see the Dandylions around the place, you just need to hit them and then three Dandylions will float across. Two will go in the air, and one will go on the ground.

The one with the black center will have the summon in it, and you just have to shoot it, or jump up and hit it. Then it will come down where you can go closer to interact and get it.

If you interact with one of these Dandylions, they will grow back over time, however, the summons will no longer be in them.

Jumping Plants

The next is going to be jumping on the mushroom plant-type things. They are a sequence of going smallest to largest.

If you jump on them, it will have the transparent type glow on top of it and if that glow stays means that you are doing it right, but if you jump on one, and then jump on the next one, and the first one loses the glow, then you have to start again.

Once you jump on them in the right order, they will spawn a supply pod for you.

Hungry Plants

These are the plants that want to eat orbs. Next to each plant you will find orbs that you have to pick it up and throw it to the hungry plant.

If you turn the right orb into the plant, it is going to spit out a summon for you.

Dive Attack Pads

The jump smash pad has a symbol of jumping on them. You just need a weapon that can do a dive attack and then just go and jump on it and perform the dive attack.

Once you hit it, the dive attack pad will unlock a summon.


For this one, you are going to need an ice weapon. They look like little coves or like la ittle mini volcano type with some lava.

You need to hit them with an ice weapon to get rid of the lava and then you will find a summon inside of it.

Ice Trees

There are some of the trees that you can interact with and they have a mini-game where you have to drop a crystal down and dodge the walls.

Once you get all the way to the bottom, you will be rewarded with the summon.