Tower of Fantasy: Vera REDEEM CODES

October 22, 2022
Use these codes to get some amazing freebies in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy is a massive open-world RPG where players can embark on an adventure across the lands of the planet Aida either alone or with their friends. The game recently received a new 2.0 update that adds a new area called Vera with a cyberpunk-styled city Mirroria which includes new enemies, quests and events for players to discover.

The developers of the game often announce giveaway codes that players can redeem to obtain goodies including resources such as Gold Nucleus, Shard Boxes etc that will help you craft new weapons and upgrade them further.

This guide will tell you about all the codes available in the 2.0 update of the game.

Vera REDEEM CODES – Tower of Fantasy

Here are all the codes that currently working and are available for all the players in the Vera update:

  • 9A98W5P0 – 1 Gold Nucleus
  • 9AA5GFYG – 1 SR Relic Shard Box, 8,888 Gold.
  • ILOVETOF – 1 Gold Nucleus, 5x Weapon Battery II
  • TOF888 – 1 Black Nucleus, 8,888 Gold, 10 Crispy Grilled Fish
  • TOF666 – 8,888 Gold, 1 SR Relic Shard Box
  • 9AN5X46Q

In order to redeem those codes, click on the Gift Box icon on the top of your map and then access the Rewards page from the tab below. Click on the Exchange option and then enter the codes from the list above to redeem your rewards.

Press Confirm after entering the codes to claim your rewards. Do note that these codes are only available for a limited period of time and some of these codes have a redemption limit which means that only a specific number of people can claim them before they get expired.

That’s it, now go ahead and claim your rewards by entering those codes in the game!