Tower of Fantasy: Tier List | Find Best Tier!

August 11, 2022
Check out this tier list to find out which is the best character in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy is a massive open-world RPG where players can embark on an adventure across the lands of the planet Aida either alone or with their friends. There are plenty of different characters available in the game and each of them has its own unique abilities and skills so finding the best character can be a bit difficult. This is where ranking all the characters in different tiers can come in handy.

This guide will tell you the complete tier list of all the characters in the game.

Tower of Fantasy: Tier List | Find Best Tier!

We will be ranking all the characters into five different tiers based on their performance:

  • S (Best)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D (Worst)

S Tier: King, Samir, Coco Ritter, Tsubasa

A Tier: Crow, Ene, Meryl, Zero, Huma, Claudia

B Tier: Shiro, Nemesis,Echo, Pepper, Bai Ling,Cobalt-8

C Tier: Hilda

That’s it, these are all the characters ranked into their respective tiers!