Tower of Fantasy: Ruin D-02 Hard All 6 Chest Locations

September 25, 2022
Let’s Explore Ruin D-02 and collect all the chests in Tower of Fantasy!

Ruin D-02 is part of the new Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy where you can explore it and collect the chests. This ruin will take you through a Hyena camp where you will come across some Aberrants, and Elite monsters that you need to kill. If you have a hard time finding and opening the chests from Ruin D-02, then we will help you out.

In this guide, we will show you All 6 Hard Ruin D-02 Chests Locations in Tower of Fantasy!

Ruin D-02 Hard All 6 Chest Locations – Tower Of Fantasy

Secret Chest #1

This chest can be found in the beginning of the ruin, once you enter the first room, on the east side you can see a broken wall. Jump over it and you will find the first chest behind this wall.

Secret Chest #2

In the same area in the first room, as you continue forward through the first room, you will pass over the stairs, and on the right side of the platform you will find the second chest in the corner.

Secret Chest #3

As long as you enter the second area in the ruin through the broken walls, you have to enter the first room on your right side.

Once you enter this room, you have to go down the stairs on the left side next to the big valve, and underneath the first stairs you will find the third chest.

Secret Chest #4

For the fourth chest, you have to go back to the second area where you entered the previous room and continue through the open hall in the left side of the room, on top of the two cylinders, you will find your chest.

Jump on top of the platform and you will be able to open your fourth chest.

Secret Chest #5

Right in front of the two cylinders, you will see an open platform where you can jump underground.

Once you are below, just keep following the path going on the left side, and you will come exactly below the two cylinders where you will find the fifth chest next to big yellow tubes.

Secret Chest #6

This ruin is located on the upper platform in the same room, on the opposite side of the two cylinders. In front of the wall, you have to use your Omnium Handcannon and summon the pillar in front of it. You will have to lift up with the pillar and come on top of the first platform.

On this platform, use the Omnium Handcannon one more time and jump on the second platform where you will find the last chest.

That’s it! Now, once you know where are all the chests in Ruin D-02, you can go into your game and start looking for your chests.