Tower Of Fantasy: Ruin A-02 All Chests Location

November 2, 2022
Find all of the ruins treasure in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy is a free to play open world game where players can go on a journey across the land of Aida. This world features vibrant characters to meet, ruins to explore and rewards to collect.

In their adventures, players may encounter Ruins, which are dungeons that grant one time rewards upon completion, such as the A-02 ruins. To obtain all 6 chests in Ruin A-02, you will have to play on the Hard difficulty. Find their locations in the guide below!

Ruin A-02 All Chests Location

Chest #1

Upon starting the ruins, you can head to your right into another area and down some stairs.

The first chest will be directly to the left of these stairs.

Chest #2

The second chest is easily spotted. Continue past the first room and up the stairs.

The chest can be spotted on your way to the rest of the ruins.

Chest #3

From the spot of the previous treasure chest, head to the next room.

There will be a doorway to your left that you can take. Passing through that doorway and turning left will lead to another chest.

Chest #4

Continuing through the level, you will eventually encounter an area with floating platforms.

Don’t head to the platforms yet as down to the right, next to some thorny vines, is the next ruins chest.

Chest #5

Head up to the floating platforms, but stop before the floating platforms. Look to your left.

Hidden under large roots and small vines will be another ruins chest.

Chest #6

Go passed through the platforms and into a large room with metal pillars. The last chest will be cheekily hidden above. You may have to use your skill to reach the metal girders where the chest is resting.

And those are all the chests in Ruin A-02!