Tower Of Fantasy: Repair Tool Set Guide

September 16, 2022
Let’s make obtaining a Repair Tool Set as easy as 1, 2, 3!

In order to complete the quest to obtain the SSR-Attack Type Relic “Colossus Arms” in the new hit open-world RPG game Tower of Fantasy, players must first need to collect two “Toolsets,” on top of other items. In the hostile yet beautiful land of Aida, where everything appears picturesque, players can get easily lost finding certain items without proper help. This includes the aforementioned Toolsets.

Now, how do you exactly obtain it? Follow this guide and we will show you how.

Repair Tool Set Guide in Tower Of Fantasy

The first thing you should do is to get access to a Training Facility.

There are many aspects in Tower of Fantasy where players can further their character’s progression – one of these is through the Training Facilities.

These facilities can easily be found on the map represented by mechanical-looking containers.

Once you locate them, just go to them to start a ‘Training Course.’

After completing a training course, you should be rewarded ‘Training Points,’ which can then be used in the ‘Points Shop’ as a certain currency.

In this store, you can purchase several items that can be used to upgrade your equipment and more.

This also includes the item we need to obtain a repair tool set – the ‘Fine Gift.’

These gifts have several uses, but in this case, we will be using them as a required item for toolsets.

More specifically, they will be used to repair the broken machinery you would encounter in the questline needed to receive the Colossus Arms we mentioned above.

Say that you have enough currency to purchase Fine Gifts, and have already purchased them.

Simply locate them in your Backpack, and then redeem them for Toolsets from the available options given to you.

Take note that you would have to complete at least two training courses to get the points required to purchase at least two Fine Gifts from the store.

We are done! You should now have a repair tool set which you can use to your disposal.