Tower Of Fantasy: PVP Explained

Tower of Fantasy is a massive open-world RPG where players can embark on an adventure across the lands of the planet Aida either alone or with their friends. While the game has a great single-player mode that is mostly centred around PvE content, there is also a PvP for players looking to test their skills against other players.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the PvP mode of the game.

Tower Of Fantasy: PVP Explained

There are two modes in PvP: Apex League which is the ranked version that rewards you with Black Crystals and an open-world PvP that is mostly pay-to-win.

The open-world PvP mode is mostly unbalanced and you just farm items to become more powerful than your opponents depending on how much money you can pump into the in-game wallet which makes it difficult for actually skilled players to have an equal chance at winning.

Now let’s discuss the balanced mode of the game:

You start off at level 50 and everyone else is at level 50 so your gear does not matter, it will be balanced out as well as your weapons since will be maxed out to 6 stars meaning that you can get all the abilities for it.

The mode allows you to take 3 weapons and 2 gadgets along with you so you can select the gadgets of your choice. You can see your starting weapon on the count-down screen.

Stocks/ Lives: Your character will spawn with 2 lives and once you die or use these lives then you will essentially lose the match. When you die the first time, you will get an attack buff that will increase your damage.

Arena: The arena has 3 stages that you will go through, the first stage is a big giant arena while the second stage is a mid arena that is relatively smaller than the first one and the final arena will be even smaller meaning that you mostly face close range combat.

These arenas will get smaller with each round meaning that you will need to face close-range combat in the 2nd and 3rd stages.

In the last stage, there will be two little platforms outside of the water but you still take true damage and your health will be reduced if you stay for too long. True damage means that it ignores your defences and shields therefore directly reducing your health meaning that you will die there instantly.

Advantages and Disadvantages: When the arena is huge, all of your passive and zoning weapons will have the upper hand over other weapons that are mostly focused on close-range combat. For example, the bow will be better than a shield in the 1st stage of the arena.

Similarly, when the arena gets smaller in the 2nd and 3rd stages, close-range combat weapons will have the advantage such as the shield will have advantage over other weapons such as the bow.

Gadgets: There are plenty of gadgets available so feel free to choose the one that’s best suited for you and works with your play style.

Weapon Choices: There is no particular weapon as of now that is overpowered enough to make it the best weapon in the PvP mode. Go with an SSR weapon instead of using an R-rated weapon when the PvP mode goes live.

The best weapons are probably the SR weapons that are given to everyone such as the Hammer but getting these weapons can be a bit hard as it requires skill and creativity on your behalf.

The highest damage dealing weapon with the most shield breaks is the Thunder Spear which has a really good ultimate but it can be hard to lock on to other players making it challenging to use on a moving target but if you manage to do so then you will be heavily rewarded. Below you will find the weapons for each range:

  • Close-range weapons: Greatsword, Dual Daggers and Shield. You will need to use these weapons in the face of your enemies.
  • Mid-range weapons: Scythe, Chakram, Dual Pistol, Cube, Wand, Shotgun and Katana. These weapons are mid-range and can be used at a distance.
  • Far-range weapons: Frost bow which can only be used during stage 1 of the arena since you play passive there.

Buffs and Debuffs: Some of the best buffs that you choose are Cleanse, Heal, Immunity, Attack-Up, Defense-Up, Shield and Element Increase.

For debuffs, you can go ahead with the Stun, Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Slowed and Loss-Direction.

Some of the techs that you can opt for are Hit-stun, Knock-up, Knock-back, Stun-Lock, AoE, I-Frame, Domain Expansive and Super Armour.

SSR Weapons and their counters: The weapons on the left are the counters and the ones on the right are what they counter. Do note that simply using these weapons or their counters won’t guarantee your victory and your skills, as well as your playstyle, will influence the outcome of the match.

WeaponCounterBeaten out in
ShieldKatanaDual pistols, Bow
CubeFlexible Weapon 
Frost BowShieldDual Daggers
Katana, Dual DaggersFrostbowShield, Greatsword
ShieldDual DaggersFrostbow, Wand,Dual Pistols
Katana, WandDual PistolsShield and other weapons that don’t counter beside flexible weapons
 ChakramFrostbow and Dual Pistols
 GreatswordAny weapon that comes close
 ScytheGreatsword, Dual Dagger

That’s everything you need to know about the PvP mode of the game!

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