Tower Of Fantasy: Philly Location

September 16, 2022
Locate and defeat one of the Named Monsters in Tower of Fantasy’s Artificial Island!

Tower of Fantasy is a fairly new Anime-inspired open-world RPG game, where players are thrown in a beautiful yet hostile world called Aida.  With its new Artificial Island comes a variety of new side missions and interesting enemies to take down. There are five new monsters on Tower of Fantasy’s Artificial Island region, some of which can be a tall task to find let alone defeat. They are Big Rat, Lockdown, Guanglong, Otto, and Philly.

For this particular guide, we will be showing you where to find Philly.

Philly Location in Tower Of Fantasy

Philly is a level-70 helicopter riding dude that packs huge DPS and can shred you easily if your defense is low.

Finding him is fairly easy. He is located on the bottom part of the Base Zero area.

He is hovering on the grass nearby the body of water. The exact coordinates are (148.3, 161.0)

He can be a pain to defeat considering that he can fly.

Whenever he comes near the edge of the cliff, pull him towards you back to the grassy plains to make the fight much easier.

Better yet, stand in between the edge and Philly to stop him from taking advantage of his flight.

Defeating him will reward you tons of EXP and the Achievement associated with defeating him.