Tower of Fantasy: On The Radar Achievement Guide

September 2, 2022
Let’s find out how to complete On The Radar Achievement in Tower of Fantasy!

In the huge world in Tower of Fantasy, you can explore plenty of areas and find a lot of collectibles that are needed to complete your quests. While you are doing a world exploration, in the same time you can complete plenty of achievements that will rank you up against the other players. One of the latest available achievements to unlock is “On The Radar”, and in this article, you will find everything that you need to unlock it fast and easy.

This guide will show you On The Radar Achievement in Tower of Fantasy.

On The Radar Achievement Guide in Tower of Fantasy

On The Radar is an achievement in Tower of Fantasy that requires to investigate furniture 50 times.

These can be found scattered all around the main city in the game. Most of them look like a chests, and you just have to get closer to them to interact with it.

Investigate all 50 Furnitures to unlock the Achievement.

You can easily find them all around the city, but if you can’t find all 50 at once, take note that they will reset the next day and you can investigate again until you complete a total of 50 pieces of furniture.

By knowing this, jump right into the game and start searching for the furnitures and unlock On The Radar Achievement.