Tower Of Fantasy: How To Change Birthday

August 12, 2022
Are you interested in learning how to change your birthday in Tower of Fantasy? Continue scrolling if so!

Tower of Fantasy is almost ready for global distribution. Many players will swarm the live servers as soon as the game is available across all regions to begin their Tower of Fantasy adventure. If you want to make Tower of Fantasy feel as uniquely tailored to you as possible, character customization is a crucial aspect of the game.

Thankfully, Tower of Fantasy allows for mid-game gender, appearance, and birthday changes. This guide will show you how to change your birthday in the game. So don’t forget to read till the end. 

Tower Of Fantasy: How To Change Birthday

In games, players frequently select a gender at the outset and begin creating characters they will use throughout the rest of the game. However, people frequently run into circumstances where they want to change the character’s gender, appearance, and birthdays but have already made progress in the game and don’t want to restart again.

Players can alter the game further, but you’ll need to employ a Simulacra for that. In the middle of the game, this item will alter your character’s details as desired. Alternatively, you may select the Birthday category from the backpack menu. Players can alter the birthday of their avatars using this technique.

How to change your birthday in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, users may alter their details whenever they wish. However, in order to modify their birthdate, they must pay Dark Crystals.

Players may get Dark Crystals, the game’s premium money, by fulfilling waypoints, achieving goals, and opening up new locales.

Another good technique to get extra Dark Crystals is to level up the combat pass. Players who are in desperate need of Dark Crystals may want to think about purchasing the premium edition of the battle pass as it delivers more of them.

Compared to the free version of the battle pass, the premium edition will offer substantially more prizes.

The stepwise instructions to change your birthday in Tower of Fantasy are as follows:

  • Simply click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to update your birthdate.
  • Then you would see your birthday right next to your name when you opened your backpack and moved to the character.
  • You can change your birthdate if you click that pen and a tiny screen that says “Edit Birthday” appears.
  • Once you’ve selected your chosen date, click “OK” to save it.

You may also obtain some free in-game presents by adding information to your name card, like your birthday. There you go! Now that you are aware of how to do it in Tower of Fantasy.

A gacha-based MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy is accessible on PC, Android, and iOS.