Tower Of Fantasy: Hit 3 Flying Balls Challenge (Aesperia)

November 2, 2022
Finish Mogden’s challenge without breaking a sweat!

Tower of Fantasy is a great anime game where you get to go around the open world, complete various challenges and upgrade your characters with different pieces of equipment, level them up, and even learn new abilities. While exploring its vibrant world, Aesperia, you will surely encounter several side-quests and challenges that you may want to take on in exchange for rewards.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to complete Mogden’s 3 Flying Balls Challenge.

Hit 3 Flying Balls Challenge

Located a bit north of the Ring of Echos is a lovable mushroom-being called Mogden.

Talking to him, he will ask you if you want to play with him in exchange for a reward.

He will ask you to hit 3 flying balls under a time limit and if you fail, you can just retry as many times as you want.

Agree to play with him to start the challenge.

The challenge itself is pretty straightforward. You just have to bounce off a mushroom and hit the flying balls near it. You just have to do it three times.

The problem players may encounter here is how to position themselves in the air to effectively attack the flying balls.

Once the challenge starts, you will be given a minute to hit the flying ball 3 times.

Jump on the mushroom next to you to begin.

Bounce up as high as you can and then dash towards the ball and attack. Do it three times to complete the challenge.

Be wary of the fall damage every time you bounce up the mushroom.

After hitting the flying ball a third time, the challenge should be complete.

It will reward you with a Black Nucleus. You can talk to Mogden again if you want but he would say that you have already finished his challenge and you can’t play anymore.

Nevertheless, you got what you came for.