Tower of Fantasy: Frost Bot Boss Guide

August 13, 2022
Let’s find and defeat Frost Bot World Boss in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy is a massive open-world game to explore with plenty of collectibles, quests, tasks, and bosses to defeat. Some of the bosses are the main ones who can be a real challenge if you don’t know how to fight them. Frost Bot is one of the world bosses in Navia Bay, and today we are going to tell you everything about this boss fight.

This guide will show you Frost Bot World Boss in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: Frost Bot Boss Guide

The Frost Bot World Boss can be found in the northwest part of the map, in the southwest corner of Navia Bay. It is a small one-sheer, surrounded by a large, round metal where the boss is sitting.

It is located towards the top end of the map in the bay area, to the left of the deeper shallow area.

If the boss is not spawned or killed already, you can try and find him on some of the other channels.

Frost Bot Tactics

Frost Bot has several attacks and tactics that you have to know before fighting him. He is a decent opponent and knowing some of his mechanics will bring you to a successful victory.

Bubble Trouble:

  • The boss will occasionally stand still and fire several bubbles at a wanderer. The one targeted by hit will need to dodge the bullets that he shoots to avoid the huge damage from them.

Crab Claws:

  • Frost Bot will start charging and swing both of its claws in front of it, hitting enemies along the path. Make sure to avoid the direction where the boss is heading, but be careful because he can change his direction several times while performing this move.

Big Freeze:

  • The boss has a big AOE attack that is marked by a red zone. If you are caught in the blast you and the others will get frozen for a few seconds and take damage. Once you notice the red blast coming out of the boss, make sure to run away from it to the outer direction of the boss.

Frost Shield:

  • After the boss is receiving a certain amount of damage, he will activate his frost shield around his body. This shield will give him an extra health bar, and in order to destroy it faster, you could use fire damage. Once it’s destroyed, the boss will get stunned and you can continue hitting him.


  • Frost Bot will stand still and kick up sand from the ground, and then he will start swinging his arms around in a 360-degree motion. He will start running around the battlefield and hit people. This hit doesn’t deal much damage but can hit multiple players at once.

Ground Slam:

  • Frost Bot will lift its claws up and begin to charge his attack. Once charged, he will punt the claws into the ground and deal huge damage. If you see him charging, just make sure to stay away from him to avoid the ground slam from his claws.