Tower of Fantasy: Food Vendor Location

August 11, 2022
Check out this guide to know about food vendor in Tower of Fantasy!

The food in Tower of Fantasy is essential for surviving in this open-world post-apocalyptic setting. Food vendor rapidly become your best friend as you explore Tower of Fantasy’s expansive, open environment.

You’d better become familiar with the location of food vendors in Tower of Fantasy because managing your rumbling stomach, maintaining peak health, and benefiting from many bonuses is a crucial aspect of the action.

Tower of Fantasy: Food Vendor Location

Food is one of the crucial consumables that may be applied to a character in Tower of Fantasy and has effects including health recovery, damage increase, elemental damage, stamina, resistance, and hunger point recovery.

In Tower of Fantasy, there are 67 different foods, each of which contains a unique resource and perk. It is not possible to use more than one meal buff of the same kind (Damage, Defense, Elemental Stats, etc.). Some of the foods and its effects in Tower of Fantasy are as follows: 

Fried Mushroom: It regenerates five satiety and immediately restores 10% + 1,500 HP

Crispy Grilled Fish: It recovers 1o hunger points

Wheat Bread: it regenerates 10 hunger points

Lettuce Salad: It recover 5 Hunger points, and immediately restores 10%+1500 HP

Vegetables and Egg Soup: It regenerates 7 Hunger points, and recovers 12%+3300 HP

Food System in the Game

  • You will begin to use hunger points & recoup health in the open world after 5 seconds of being out of combat.
  • For each 10% of HP restored, one point of hunger is depleted. You will also lose 1 point of hunger every five minutes.
  • The player’s health will restore more quickly the more hunger points they have. (Hunger 1–30 regenerates 2% health every two seconds, 31–60 regenerates 3.5% health every two seconds, and 61–100 regenerates 5% health every two seconds.)
  • When hunger is 0, players won’t be able to automatically restore health.

Food Vendor Location

You can find the food vendor in Astra in the game. You’ll encounter Mrs. Taylor there, who used to sell meals at the Tower of Fantasy.

Each and every ingredient you need for your cooking in order to survive in the game is available at this food vendor.

From the list that appears, you can select the ingredients that best suit your needs. Immediately to the side of each ingredient’s name was a price indication. 

You can purchase them from Mrs. Taylor, the vendor. Once you have all the ingredients, you can start cooking.

How does Tower of Fantasy cooking work?

You must first find the food vendor where you can buy the items before you can begin cooking. The next step is to place them in a cooker.

Cookers in the Tower of Fantasy have strange appearances—almost like smiling recycling machines. When you get close to one, your mini map shows an icon that resembles a pot with steam coming out of it.

One can be seen wandering around in most settlements and dungeons.

Similar to real food, different recipes call for varied combinations of ingredients. Once you learn one, it remains in your list of recipes so you can access it later.

You can see on the recipe page what benefits or how much health restoration you get from the meal. Thirteen fundamental recipes are already available to you when the game first starts.