Tower Of Fantasy: Defuse The First & Second Bomb (Hykros)

November 2, 2022
Defuse the bombs and save Hykros in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy is a free to play open world game where players can go on a journey across the land of Aida. This world features vibrant characters to meet, ruins to explore and rewards to collect.

Following through the story, players may eventually end up at Hykros in the middle of a bomb threat. The bombs can be deactivated with pliers. To see their locations, check the guide below!

Defuse The First & Second Bomb (Hykros)

There will be alarms blaring and the screen will go into an decolored like state. Blue and red will be very vibrant colors that will help you track the bombs. Head up the stairs to start looking for them.

After going up the stairs, head to your right. There you will see something glowing red attached to a machine, that is a bomb.

Interacting with it will bring you into a small minigame screen where you will have to use pliers to cut the green wire. After successfully clipping the green wire, you will get a notification that the bomb has been defused.

From the first bomb, climb the walls to reach the 3rd floor of the platform. There you will see another bomb stuck on the floor. Interact with it to do the wire minigame again. These wire sections are fairly straightforward as you just have cut the green wire while ignoring the red ones.

You will get another notification that the bomb has been defused. Color will now come back to the facility and you can return to the middle section and talk to the NPC to continue the questline!