Tower Of Fantasy: Artificial Island Locked Supply Pod

September 16, 2022
Time to go find that supply pod!

Tower of Fantasy is a massive free-to-play open world MMO game with gacha elements. Tower of Fantasy has a lot of content spanning from exploration, puzzles and combat.  Playing the game also takes a good amount of resources. These resources can commonly be found around the world, but a great source of these resources would be the Supply Pods.

Here’s a guide to get to the location of one of these pods!

Artificial Island Locked Supply Pod in Tower Of Fantasy

Start by looking for a blue portal to the south of the Ring Arena. It’s easy to spot as it is right next to a large blue flower.

Taking that portal will transport you way above in the air. You’ll see a tower with a red portal at its top. Glide to it.

After taking the red portal you’ll be transported to the location of Supply Pod.

It contains a lot of goodies such as EXP, Gold, Dark Crystal and a Gold Nucleus.

While there are more supply pods waiting for you to be found, consider this one found!