Tower Of Fantasy: Artificial Island Locked Car Red Nucleus

September 16, 2022
Time to go Red Nucleus hunting!

Tower of Fantasy is a massive free-to-play open world MMO game with gacha elements. Tower of Fantasy has a lot of content spanning from exploration, puzzles and combat.  Red Nucleus can be used as a currency to spend on limited-time gacha banners, which makes them extremely valuable. There are a couple of Red Nuclei inside locked cars in this area.

Here is a guide on how to get them!

Artificial Island Locked Car Red Nucleus in Tower Of Fantasy

Red Nucleus #1

First look for a rock at the base of Mount Sandy. You’ll notice it has a red glow to it.

Break it and approach the portal it was hiding.

The portal will take you to a floating platform. Jump from there and look under the platform.

There will be another portal for you to take.

You will be transported inside one of the locked cars. Grab the Red Nucleus and leave via the blue portal.

Red Nucleus #2

This time head to the top of Mount Sandy. To the west, you’ll see a portal in the air that you’ll have to glide to. 

Similar to before, it takes you to a floating platform. If you look to the west, you will see another platform with a portal underneath it. Glide to the portal.

You’ll be transported to another locked car with a Red Nucleus inside. Grab it and leave again via the blue portal.

Great! Now you’ve claimed the Red Nuclei locked behind these hard to reach areas!