Tower Of Fantasy: All Ruin D-01 Chests Locations

February 9, 2023
Time to collect all the chests in the Ruins D-01 area!

Tower of Fantasy is a massive open-world RPG where players can embark on an adventure across the lands of the planet Aida either alone or with their friends. While exploring different areas, you will come across many collectibles and rewards such as chests in the game. These chests often contain valuable resources that will help you progress further and upgrade items.

This guide will tell you the location of all the chests in the Ruins D-01 area.

All Ruin D-01 Chests Locations

There are a total of 2 chests that you can find in this area.

The first chest can be found on top of the rooftop where the black cube is located.

Move the black cube with the arrow into the centre of the area and then create a tower on the right side.

Newer miss any of the Ruins Chest.

Now climb up to collect the first chest.

Jump down and back to the main area by using the staircase.

Head into this small passage next to the giant purple mushroom.

Create a tower to climb and collect the second chest.

That’s it, you have successfully collected all the chests in the Ruins D-01 area!