Tower of Fantasy: All Mirroria Gachapon Locations

October 22, 2022
Check out this guide to find out where all Mirrora Gachapons are located in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is a great anime style RPG that has similarities with Genshin Impact. This game will allow you to explore the open world and complete various missions, as well as follow the main story that the game has given you. In certain areas there are a bunch of hidden collectibles that players can find and fill up their collection book with.

This guide will show you all the Mirrora Gachapons locations in Tower of Fantasy

All Mirroria Gachapon Locations – Tower of Fantasy

4x Mirrora Gachapon Location

The first four Mirrora Gachapon can be found inside the Reception area. Once you are there, simply go forward until you see 2 vending machines. Interact with the vending machines to get what you want.

2x Mirrora Gachapon Location

The second area where you can find 2 more Gachapon in Mirrora are located in Mirafleur Hall. You need to take a taxi to there or take the long run and walk to the area.

Once you get there, you will see two vending machines on the side, simply interact with them to get your new Gachapons.

X2 Mirrora Gachapon

To get these 2 gachapons, you need to make your way to the Oasis Club. Once you are there, head over to the lower area and on this specific location of the map, you will find 3 vending machines that you can interact with and purchase 2 more Mirrora.

4x Mirrora Gachapon

These 4 mirrora gachapon can be located in the Asset Management Center. Once you make your way there, head to the lower level of the area where you will find a bunch of vending machines next to each other. Interact with them to get the Gachapons.

Jerboa Power Core

The Jerboa power core can be located at the Hazardous Materials Lab area. When you get there, go to this specific area on the map and interact with the right vending machine to purchase the vehicle.