Tower Of Fantasy: All Astra Puzzles

November 3, 2022
Solve all of the puzzles in Astra in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy is a free to play open world game where players can go on a journey across the land of Aida. This world features vibrant characters that you can meet and help out through side quests and puzzles.

There are five puzzles in the Astra region that players can find. They involve helping Jelle with his robot or entertaining Mogden. Find out more in the guide down below.

All Astra Puzzles – Tower Of Fantasy

Jelle’s Guide Bot #1

For this series of puzzles, you will have to escort a robot back to Jelle. It can be found a bit above a mountain south of the Rusty Belt.

On its path back to Jelle, it will encounter a group of Hyena Thugs. Dispatch these enemies and talk to Jelle to end this quest.

Jelle’s Guide Bot #2

Again you will have to escort the bot safely to Jelle. It can be located at the foot of the mountain directly west of the Ring of Echos.

There are no enemies encountered this time, simply follow the bot up the mountain and talk to Jelle.

Jelle’s Guide Bot #3

The last guide bot puzzle can be found northeast of the Ring of Echos, at the southern portion of the river.

This may be the simplest of the puzzles as all you have to do is accompany the robot while it crosses the river. Jelle will be at the other side waiting for you.

Mogden #1

Mogden is a giant mushroom NPC that can be found at the northern part of the river across from the Ring of Echos. For this puzzle, you will have to hit a ball in the air three times.

It will be very high up and you will have to use the nearby mushroom as a trampoline to reach and attack it.

Mogden #2

Mogden can be found again to the southwest of Barrenstown.

This time around Mogden wants you to hit the ball six times. Simply use the mushroom again as a launch pad and attack the ball in midair.