Tower of Fantasy: All 6 Hard Ruin D-01 Chests Locations

September 18, 2022
It’s time to explore Ruin D-01 and collect all the chests in Tower of Fantasy!

The new 1.5 update from Tower of Fantasy is here and offers an entirely new area, Artificial Island in which they added new ruins to explore. D-01 Ruin is a higher level where you will come across some Aberrants, and Elite monsters, and of course, plenty of chests that we are going to help you find.

This guide will show you All 6 Hard Ruin D-01 Chests Locations in Tower of Fantasy!

All 6 Hard Ruin D-01 Chests Locations in Tower Of Fantasy

In the Hard Ruin D-01 in the new Artificial Island can be found a total of 6 chests.

Secret Chest #1

The first chest is located on top of the stone pillar which can be found inside the tunnel at the left side of the big mushroom in the beginning of the ruin.

You should equip the Omnium Handcannon Relics and aim at the ground in front of the pillar that will help you to carry on and reach the chest.

Secret Chest #2

The second chest is located on top of the stone platform with a red laser light underneath. As you continue to follow the path from the first chest location, you will see the platform.

Use again the Omnium Handcannon and aim next to the platform to be able to climb on top of platform and open your chest.

Secret Chest #3

To find the third chest, you have to climb the mushrooms in front of the boss room where you found the previous chest, and jump on the mushrooms following the left side of the ruin.

You will find the chest sitting on one of the mushrooms at the top.

Secret Chest #4

This chest is actually located on the opposite side of the ruin where you found chest #3.

You can directly jump and fly to the upper mushroom or you can climb the mushrooms from the ground and come to the top where the chest is sitting on top.

Secret Chest #5

From the location of chest #4, you have to follow the wall of the ruin going to the right, and you will come to another gate, where on top of its platform is sitting the chest.

You can jump on the platform directly from the mushroom on the wall, or use your Omnium Handcannon and summon the pillar that will help you climb on top of the gate.

Secret Chest #6

The sixth and last secret chest can be found at the back of the central stone platform in the ruin where the boss is.

Just walk to the back of the gate, and you will find the chest sitting on the ground.

Now, knowing where are the chests in Ruin D-01 Artificial Island, you can get inside the ruin, defeat all the enemies and collect the amazing rewards from all 6 secret chests.