Tower Of Fantasy: All 6 Hard Ruin B-03 Chests

February 9, 2023
Adventure and treasure await in the ruins!

Tower of Fantasy is a massive free-to-play open world MMO game with gacha elements. Tower of Fantasy has a lot of content spanning from exploration, puzzles and combat. An example of areas that players can encounter and explore are Ruins. Inside Ruins, players can find a combination of enemies, puzzles, platforming and, most of all, treasure! Sometimes treasures can be well hidden or hard to spot so it can be frustrating to look for them. That’s why this guide has you covered.

Here’s a guide showing all of the treasure chests in the Ruin B-03

All 6 Hard Ruin B-03 Chests in Tower Of Fantasy

Chest #1

The first chest is easily spotted from the start of the level.

Jump on top of the moving platform to get to the middle one and grab the chest.

Chest #2

Continue along the ruin and you will spot the next chest on a platform that’s going up and down.

Chest #3

After getting out into the open area, directly look to your right to see a chest waiting for you.

Chest #4

From the 3rd chest, you’ll see a big chasm with floating platforms.

Don’t follow that trail yet. Instead look down the cliff, you’ll see a chest.

Simply drop down and open it.

Chest #5

After jumping through the chasm, you’ll notice the next chest is behind a waterfall.

Chest #6

Keep going through the ruins. Once you arrive at the entrance to the last room, turn left and you will find the last chest..

Now you’ve found all of the chests in Ruin B-03!